Naga Shaurya Walks In Adivi Sesh's Track

By Satya Cine Jan. 30, 2020, 10:45 pm IST
Naga Shaurya Walks In Adivi Sesh's Track

You might have the right kind of looks and the adequate acting quotient to become a star hero and yet you find it hard to taste success at a consistent level. When that happens it is the time to introspect and change the approach instead of sitting and brooding over it. This is something the handsome hunk Naga Shaurya seems to be doing.

Those who are keeping track of his career graph are now saying Shaurya seems to have adopted the formula of the drop dead stud Adivi Sesh. It is known that for most of the projects, Sesh writes his own story, screenplay and in some cases, the dialogues as well. He has his own set of guidelines when it comes to his screen presence.

Now, Shaurya is also doing the same with his new release ‘Ashwatthama’. Unlike his earlier movies, this one seems to be an out and out rough action treat and Shaurya looks quite brawny with a rugged appeal. The pre release buzz is positive and as the film is hitting the screens today, here’s wishing him the best of success for his new approach. If this works then Shaurya would certainly start working on his next set of projects in the same way.

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