Naarappa look inspires Tamil Twitter vs Telugu Twitter fight!

By Naresh Kota Jan. 22, 2020, 12:57 pm IST
Naarappa look inspires Tamil Twitter vs Telugu Twitter fight!

Naarappa is an official remake of Asuran and Venkatesh is trying the same look that Dhanush tried in the film. The comparisons on who looks best have started within hours after the release of the posters. 

Tamil Twitter started saying trending #RealAsuranisDhanush and Telugu Twitter started fighting back with old remake images to say that #RealNaarappaisVenky. 
Well, the remake culture is not new and the trends on Twitter by fans have crossed the limits of decency long time back. Young people think that this is all fun and they are showing their love & strength towards their favorites but they fail to understand that this just shows insecurity and nothing much. 

If someone looks better than us and we start trolling them or judging them that really makes her look sad than make us win against the other person. Similarly, the comparisons between the two films that to remakes is fine until it is about the quality of filmmaking and actors' performances. 

But when it gets down to biases and people trying to dig old films, try to state that one's box office numbers are fake and market growth is all a PR show, we may have to start drawing lines at up to what level the trolling is healthy and encourage-able. 

This fight just feels like two people trying to prove who is superior to others. The truth of the matter is that we are unable to get over prejudices to find false prestige in things that matter the least. If Venkatesh looks good that doesn't make Dhanush bad or if Dhanush performed his best, then it doesn't make Venkatesh a lesser actor or a bad one.

Whenever we can start coming out of these prejudiced mindsets and accept art as a unifier, we can then say that we are a united Industry and one Indian Film industry, until then, we are just bits & pieces people from different regions trying to one-up the other which will allow Hollywood, China to dominate World Cinema as one large extreme of creative Industry.

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