Lock Down Review 4: Penguin

By Satya Cine Jun. 19, 2020, 02:37 am IST
Lock Down Review 4: Penguin

Platform: Amazon Prime Video


Thrillers always generate curiosity among a sections of audience. When a good performer like Keerthy Suresh is at the disposal, the movie will definitely create interest. 'Penguin' generated enough buzz  among the audience with intriguing teaser and trailers.  Going by the promos some audiene felt that it has shades of 'Ratsasan'(Rakshasudu in Telugu) as the they have shown some psycho killer in joker mask.  The movie started streaming on Prime Video today, let us explore the merits and demerits of the film.


Rhythm(Keerthy Suresh) is a pregnant expecting a child through her second husband Gautham(Aadhidhev).  Though she started new life, she has been haunted by her past because her two year old son Ajay(Master Advaith) had gone missing six years ago.  She never gives up the search for him even after police tell her Ajay is no more. As she didn't see his dead body, she keeps on searching for him.  Meanwhile another girl from the town goes missing and Rhythm finds similarities in the case and starts chasing the case with perseverance. Did she find her son? Is he really alive or murdered? What happened to him and who is behind it? These things form the rest of the story.


As everybody expected, Keerthy Suresh delivered a her best as a pregnant mother who risks her life to find what actually happened to her missing son.  Lingaa and Adhidhev have no much scope but they did decent job. Master Advaith grabs the attention with his complex role.  The background score is good in some scenes but it is pretty average in other parts.  Cinematography is worth mentioning.


Keerthy's Performance


Forced Scenes


A thriller needs a watertight screenplay to get the audience engaged. 'Penguin' has a good storyline of a pregnant mother searching for her missing son despite her physical inability to go after a criminal. The premise is good and the director is able to maintain the suspense till the interval.  The director depended on the technique of misleading the audience till the end. It has worked well for maintaining suspense to some extent but the same technique has played the spoilsport.

The suspense element the director tried to save for the climax didn't yield much result as it turned out to be a forced one rather than a believable stuff.  By not thoroughly establishing the motive of the criminal for doing such a crime, and missing logics here and there resulted in forced drama than a gripping narration. Some scenes provide thrills but the movie loses track once the director tries to confuse the audience to increase the suspense factor.

We are not discussing any key points in the movie because it will spoil the suspense.  Finally, one would definitely feel silly if they try to understand why they titled it Penguin. The title too appears forced with a remote connection to the story.

Bottom Line: Penguin is not even half of Ratsasan!

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