Lock Down Review 5: Krishna and His Leela

By Satya Cine Jun. 25, 2020, 12:34 pm IST
Lock Down Review 5: Krishna and His Leela

Platform: Netflix


Small budget films continue to opt for a direct release on OTT platforms and 'Krishna and His Leela' also joined the bandwagon. The movie has got the backup of Suresh Productions and it is able to generate curiosity among the youth with interesting promos. Ravikant Perepu who impressed the audience with his debut film 'Kshanam'  has come up with a romantic comedy now.  Let us get into the review to know its merits and demerits.


Krishna(Sidhu Jonnalagadda) and Sathya(Sraddha Srinath) are lovers but they part ways later due to some differences.  When Krishna tries to forget the breakup to get on with the routine life, he falls in love with another girl Radha(Shalini).  But a twist comes in the name of relocation.  When he moves to Bangaluru, his ex-lover Sathya accidentally meets him.  She gets closer to Krishna once again. Krishna tries to maintain relationships with both the beauties making proceedings complicated.  What happened to the triangular love story forms the rest of the story.


Sidhu impresses the audience with his acting skills as a confused lover. He looked charming in many scenes and he pulled off romantic scenes with ease.  Shraddha also delivered a good performance.  The chemistry between Sidhu and Shraddha is worth mentioning.  Comedian Harsha, Jhansi, Sampath played their parts well.  If we talk about technical things Sri Charan Pakala's background score and songs are good. BGM has lifted the mood of many scenes. Cinematography is also good.  Dialogues are worth mentioning. When it comes to direction, Ravikanth gets only average marks. The narration is slow at time and the climax is weak.

Performance of Lead actors


Routine storyline
Slow Narration
Weak Climax


The concept of the movie is as old as the hills but the director tried to present as a new-age film. He is successful in presenting the confusion of youth in the aspect of love beautifully with the lead characters, especially with Sidhu's role.  Despite slow narration, the movie has its own moments that leave the audience in splits. The climax is weak in the movie as the director couldn't bring the required emotion which is a common issue with all the triangular love stories. It becomes a good choice if we watch it with friends.

Bottom Line: Decent Watch

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