Most Expensive Heroine In Tollywood

By Satya Cine Feb. 25, 2020, 08:35 am IST
Most Expensive Heroine In Tollywood

The remuneration of star heroes and heroines is always a hot topic for the audience. No hero, the heroine will reveal their actual remuneration and they follow it as an unwritten rule of the film industry.  But the remunerations are always open secrets. The figures somehow come out to add some weightage to their stardom. If we talk about the highest-paid actress in the South, everybody would take the name of Nayanthara.

Then, what about Tollywood? Who is the highest-paid actress in Telugu films? It is Anushka Shetty who is fondly called Sweety by fans.  Anushka is one of the few star heroines of Tollywood who can pull crowds to the theaters with a female-centric film. She has done it several times in the past and she continues to do so.  She has reportedly charged her highest remuneration for the 'Bahubali' franchise.  She appeared in 'Bhagamathie' later.  If we keep aside the cameo in 'Sye Raa', it has been two years Anushka film released. She is coming up with a thriller 'Nishabdam' now.  Sweety said to have charged a whopping Rs.2.5 cr for this film. The interesting part here is the figure is excluding the GST.

This is the highest remuneration for a Tollywood heroine till now. Usually, all the top league heroines charge their remuneration anywhere around Rs.1 - 1.5 cr per film. But Sweety is very sweet so the producers are paying Rs.2.5 cr.  The so-called crazy heroines are far behind the simple Sweety when it comes to remuneration.

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