#MeToo Tensions Among Film Celebrities

By Satya Cine Feb. 14, 2020, 02:56 pm IST
#MeToo Tensions Among Film Celebrities

Ever since the #MeToo movement came into vogue, it has created quite a bit of awareness and alertness. Of course, it is a different issue that some of the ladies are using this for their own publicity, mileage and vested interests. On the other hand, many who do have certain deviant thoughts are taking precautions not to fall into this mess.

When it comes to the element of casting couch, it is no longer happening everywhere like before. Nobody is asking for ‘commitments’ and ‘Cooperation’ while dealing with ladies who come for work related opportunities. For that matter, even in offices also all are putting cams in the rooms just out of fear that some girl might put wrong allegations. The weightage given to a woman’s allegation is very high even before the authenticity of such accusations is validated.

So, while the fear of getting blacklisted in the society has grown, more than that, many men are taking their own protective measures with the fear that they might get blackmailed or wrongly framed. Unfortunately, the legal system in India is quite favorable to the women so the doubt always falls on the man first. All in all, the ‘MeToo’ movement has certainly caused an impact and helped in bringing down any harassment or sexual abuse incidents.   

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