Mega Film To Wait For Theatrical Release!

By Satya Cine Jul. 03, 2020, 09:40 pm IST
Mega Film To Wait For Theatrical Release!

With the closure of theaters, many films are queueing up for direct OTT release. The films below 10 cr budget are considering for OTT release but the makers of medium budget films like 'Nishabdham', 'Red', 'Orey Bujjigaa' not showing interest in OTT release. But the unending delays in re-opening of theaters, increasing Covid-19 cases are pushing them into rethinking mode about the OTT release.

As the pressure is mounting on the producers due to the increasing interests, they are inclined towards OTT release. But mega family hero Vaisshnav Tej's debut film 'Uppena' is looking at only theatrical release as per the reports. Even though the film is made with newcomers, the producers have invested more than Rs.20 cr on the movie.

OTT platforms will not come forward to pay such a hefty sum on the film that features newcomers. Even the makers are saying that they will release the film only after the re-opening of theaters.

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