"Mahesh Babu Is Not Popular In 2014"

By Satya Cine Mar. 07, 2020, 11:47 am IST
"Mahesh Babu Is Not Popular In 2014"

The landscape of media has been drastically changed in the last two decades. TV and digital media slowly gained more popularity than the print media. Social media revolution aided by the high-speed internet has completely changed the dynamics forever.  With several platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., the information is literally flooding into our hands.  

The news, interviews of celebs, politicians, sportspersons have become so routine that no one is really caring about them. Unless there is a controversy or a burning issue, no one would really show interest to watch their interviews.  So, new generation newsmakers who create controversies like Sri Reddy are on the rise.

Keeping that aside, a person claimed that he is the son of Chiranjeevi and he acted as his son in 'Pasivadi Pranam' some time ago. Another random guy claimed that he is the hubby of Priyanka Gandhi.

Now a crazy person named Sriramoju Sunisith is saying that Mahesh Babu grabbed his chances in 2014.  He calls himself 'Stunning Star' and his comments are making people either laugh or get irritated.

He said, "I have been attending the auditions from 2014.  I got selected in Sukumar's audition as a new hero and my first offer was '1-Nenokkadine'.  I have also acted in a few scenes as well. When the shoot was going on Mahesh Babu was going through a rough phase, he was not getting offers then. Mahesh Babu was not popular in 2014 and he was a budding actor at that time.  He and I were in same position those days.  He acted in a few films and he had one or two hits. He has been waiting for offers those days"

He continued, "When I was doing '1 Nenokkadine he called up Sukumar and asked him that he would do the film. He pressurized him.  Finally, Mahesh Babu did the film.  The scenes which I have done are available even now. If you go to the '1 Nenokkadine' production office, you will find my posters on the KTM bike.  KTM company guys sponsored the bike for the publicity."

Whether he is doing these things knowingly or unknowingly is a serious question. He might have lost his mind as well. But he has become popular in social media right now. Well,the Super Star fans are literally blasting him for his senseless comments. 

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