Mahammari Song Going Viral   

By Satya Cine Apr. 06, 2020, 01:34 pm IST
Mahammari Song Going Viral   

Covid-19 pandemic is threatening the mankind like never before.  The whole world literally came to a grinding halt with the lockdown announcements of various countries. India is also under lockdown for the past few days and the majority of the people are sitting at their homes in isolation as per the directives of the state and central governments.  But still there are people who venture out unnecessarily by ignoring the rules with their careless attitude.  

Several celebrities are requesting the people to strictly follow the rules to save their lives and others. On this occasion, music director cum singer Raghu Kunche came up with a folk style song Mahammari to bring awareness.  Popular Tollywood lyricist Sira Sri penned catchy lyrics for the song.  The lyrics goes like this 'Seppina mata inakunte ori nayana.. sanka naki potav ra ori nayana'.  He tried to tell the people the result of their carelessness in a lighter vein. With simple and casual words, he delivered the strong message that they will end up in graveyard if they don't follow Government's instructions.  

Raghu Kunche composed a typical folk tune and sang it beautifully.  He appeared in the video wearing a printed coloured shirt and his expressions at the time of 'Sanka naki potav raa' are awesome.  On the whole, the song struck a chord with the music lovers and it is going viral in the social media.  Mahammari is receiving huge applause from the netizens for its social awareness theme which is understandable to everybody including illiterates.

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