Love Mails To Sharwanand

By Satya Cine Feb. 09, 2020, 04:43 pm IST
Love Mails To Sharwanand

Samantha - Sharwanand starrer 'Jaanu' hit the screens this Friday.  We all know that 'Jaanu' is a feel-good love story and it becomes the first choice for youth automatically. Irrespective of the box office numbers, youth is showing interest to watch the film. Many people say that films will have zero impact on the audience. But there are exceptions.  

Before we discuss the point in 'Jaanu', we will take another example.  When Akkineni Nagarjuna's film 'Sivamani' was released in 2003, the hero's cop characterization has impressed the audience. The caption of the movie title was Sivamani's mobile number,  98480****.   Many people started calling up to the phone number thinking that its Nagarjuna's real phone number.  Some felt that their problems will be solved by Sivamani and gave a call to that number. It was actually a random number the person who was using the number took the beating from the callers!  

If we talk about Jaanu, there is a scene in the film which reveals the email ID of Sharwa's character as "".  We really do not know whether someone really is using that email but it has become a hot topic now.  College girls who watched the film are reportedly sending love letters to this email ID.  Some of them are doing it for the sake of fun and others are doing it with an intention that the mails would reach Sharwanand. If someone is really accessing that email ID, then it will be gushed with so many emails. The number may increase in the future as the flooding of emails will not stop in the near future.  Do Sharwa know these love messages or is he occupied with his next film's shoot?

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