Lock down Review 2: ‘The Forgotten Army’ On Amazon Prime

By Satya Cine Apr. 10, 2020, 11:33 am IST
Lock down Review 2: ‘The Forgotten Army’ On Amazon Prime

It has been a while since this web series has come but then it didn’t really get the recognition it deserves. This can be put into one of those unsung heroes category but when you actually watch it, you would be amazed at the effort that has gone behind making this one.


This is inspired from a true story and has to do with our independence struggle.

Unlike the majority of stories we hear about Nonviolence and Satyagraha, this story starts from Singapore and goes through Burma and it involves a proper armed conflict.

This is the story of a true soldier of the Indian National Army (INA) found by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Something for the ladies, a classic example of women empowerment which existed even those days can also be seen here.

You will be wowed by the art department that brought in the period backdrop very realistically. The icing on the cake is, this is a Kabir Khan directorial.


Perhaps few incidents in the web series might be a little filmy and at places where the real emotion has to come out, it was overlooked.

These are like the moments of revelation which really take the graph of a web series up but it was not exploited rightly. Cinematic liberties were taken a little too much in certain scenes.


To those who have often grumbled about how we don’t have much access to our own history of freedom struggle, this is a worth watch treat. The elements of patriotism is one side but it also goes to show how our forefathers have gone way out of their line in service to the British Empire and eventually our own nation.

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