Lock-Down Review 1: ‘Fauda’ On Netflix

By Satya Cine Apr. 09, 2020, 06:44 pm IST
Lock-Down Review 1: ‘Fauda’ On Netflix

While there are some really good shows in English, a small focus on foreign languages will also help you watch some good stuff amidst the lockdown time. Here is one such web series -


This is a Hebrew based web series and to those who are keen to know how the Israel-Palestine conflict works, this is a good take. The story revolves around the conflict between a Mossad officer and a Palestine youth leader. The series shows how intelligence community works, how vengeance is a major emotion in the conflict and how the people there look at death and battle.


This is a hardcore web series which is much closer to reality and hence it is a complete serious stuff with no scope for entertainment. There is violence, nudity, profanity so it is only meant for the mature audience and not something to be watched with the family.


This is a sure shot recommendation to those viewers who are looking at some no-nonsense action/thriller type of web series. It would also give you a close look of the culture and lifestyle of those living in the ever sensitive Israel-Palestine areas.

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