KGF achieved more than we hoped for says director

By Naresh Kota Dec. 24, 2019, 08:17 pm IST
KGF achieved more than we hoped for says director

KGF Chapter one became an all-India sensation, during Christmas 2018 and the movie is still revered. The technical details and storytelling still receive great praises from different sectors of audiences.

As KGF Chapter 2 is about to release, hopefully in Summer 2020, the movie director Prashanth Neel talked about the film. He said, "Chapter 2 will have the real story and all our eggs on in this basket."

He further stated that KGF was targeted at Kannada audiences and when it became a Pan-Indian film, and that too big success, they feel like it has already done more than they have hoped for.

Prashanth said that the movie story will be completed explored in Chapter 2 and it was a constant decision to make first one, more of a visual feast than story. He admitted that it was risky but they are happy that it worked. Yash, Prashanth have become most sought after creative people in South India, post KGF one success.

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