Kamasutra Lady Is Corona Positive

By Satya Cine Mar. 21, 2020, 11:20 am IST
Kamasutra Lady Is Corona Positive

The Covid-19 outbreak has left the world in a state of deep shock. While some people initially cracked jokes in social media when they came to know about it, they have got clarity and they are taking all the preventive measures.  When it comes to equality, the corona is treating everybody equally.  It is not giving any exemptions to celebrities or stars.  Hollywood stars, international sportspersons are affected by the Covid-19.  Indira Varma also joined the list of Covid-19 affected celebs.

Going into the details, Indira Varma is an Indian origin UK actress who is known for films like 'Kama Sutra'.  She has been part of the most popular 'GoT'(Game of Thrones) web series. Indira Varma recently fell ill and she didn't delay in consulting the doctor.  As soon as the tests were done she was declared positive for coronavirus.  Indira shared the information with her followers through her social media account.  She said that she is taking treatment and she is in isolation now.

On this occasion, she urged the people to take all the preventive measures to keep away from the deadly Covid-19 exposure.  Fans across the globe are sending recovery messages through social media.

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