Is Sid Sriram Overrated?

By Satya Cine Mar. 07, 2020, 09:52 pm IST
Is Sid Sriram Overrated?

If we take the case of the Samajavaragamana song, many people slammed him for his wrong diction while pronouncing a few Telugu words.  He continues to impress the youth with his songs but some musicians and insiders in the industry are saying that Sid is an over-rated singer. They are saying that Sid's voice is not unique like SPB, Shankar Mahadevan, Yesudas, Kailash Kher etc. Though there are better singers than Sid, who are trained in classical music like him, they don't have the fame and they don't command the craze in youth.

Inside talk is that music directors have to follow his conditions for hiring him. He is very particular about his remuneration and he never sings a song if doesn't like it. He makes the music directors wait for him for the recording.  As the industry runs after the craze, our filmmakers are after him to cash on the popularity. But there are rumours regarding the careless attitude of Sid Sriram.

The demand for a singer and his remuneration always depends on his fame, not his art/voice.  When a song gets the tagline of Sid Sriram, it will get millions of views on YouTube. That's his craze so the Tollywood makers are after him for the same.

Well, industry pays for name but not for mere talent.

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