Insight: Ruler Trailer - The cut isn't impressive!

By Naresh Kota Dec. 08, 2019, 09:11 am IST
Insight: Ruler Trailer - The cut isn't impressive!

Nandamuri Balakrishna has decided to come up with his commercial entertainer Ruler, on 20th December. He normally releases his films for Sankranthi but the actor seems to have taken a different approach this time around after NTR biopics disaster results. So, what does the Ruler trailer offer?


* Balakrishna has three looks in the film and his best is in Tony Stark's Goatee. In the other two looks, his hair style did not suit him at all.

* Vedhika and Sonal Chauhan might be coming up with routine characters of no importance again in this film.

* Bhoomika's character seems to drive good amount of emotional punch in the storyline that talks about vengeance and violence.

* Jayasudha and villain characters seem to have been developed too generic as the trailer doesn't offer much about them.

* Punchlines of NBK doesn't register as much as his previous movies.

* Fans might ask for little more innovation in routine action entertainers that NBK does, as times have changed from 90's.

* The BGM and trailer cut could have been way better for the common audiences to show more interest in the film.


Above are observations and insights that we are publishing to give audiences a taste of what they can expect from the movie before the release from what we gathered watching trailers and teasers. This exercise is for fun and not to instigate any person against the film in any manner or to spread any negativity.

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