Insight: Donga Trailer - Athadu in Crime Thriller format!

By Naresh Kota Dec. 10, 2019, 08:28 pm IST
Insight: Donga Trailer - Athadu in Crime Thriller format!

Athadu movie has become an iconic film for Mahesh Babu, Trivikram Srinivas and it is seen as a classic by modern Telugu Cinema lovers. The 2005 release never boasted of being an unique story but it told an old story in a very impactful manner.

Suriya did a film similar to Athadu but the movie was dominated by commercial cinema style masala comedy more than Athadu and K.S. Ravi Kumar was still in form during those days.

Jeethu Joseph seems to have taken the same line as Athadu and tried to add a new dimension. He made it a two character film with Jyothika getting a strong lead role as much as Karthi, in his Donga.

May be one of these two characters turn on each other or Jeethu who is known for his own stylish treatment and twists in screenplay, come up with something that we cannot expect just by watching a trailer.

In any case, even though the story seems old, Jyothika and Karthi's real life relationship seems to have come out on screen as well. It should be the major USP for the film. Otherwise, the trailer doesn't really spark Telugu audiences to run to theatres catch the film.

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