Insight: Darbar Trailer - Rajinism to the max!!

By Naresh Kota Dec. 17, 2019, 03:25 pm IST
Insight: Darbar Trailer - Rajinism to the max!!

Superstar Rajnikanth might be one of the few star heroes of Indian Cinema, who managed to stay relevant even after completing almost 45 years of his career.

His style and mannerisms are now, known as Rajnisms and they have a separate fan base of their own. His walking style and dialogue delivery has masses shouting at the top of their voices - "Thalaivaaa".

AR Murugadoss seems to have planned to use that style and image more for his Darbar than any story. It seems like a man who hates police and is ruthless, meets a person who likes to be bad and takes his job, seriously.

Nayantara looks highly glamorous in the trailer and Rajni's getup in the film is younger than his previous films in this decade. Sunil Shetty is acting as the main protagonist and like Karthik Subbaraj, ARM might also make a "fans only" film with Rajnikanth.

Hope, that is not case as Rajni range hit is a requirement for the actor and box office too. And that is impossible, if a movie just concentrates on his image and not story.

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