Financial Problems In Heroes' Families

By Satya Cine Apr. 22, 2020, 08:44 pm IST
Financial Problems In Heroes' Families

Covid-19 outbreak has given a rude shock to Tollywood. Theaters have been closed for the past few weeks, new releases have been postponed indefinitely and the on-going shootings came to a grinding halt.

Producers are staring at huge losses as the interests are creeping up with each passing day. Not just producers but a few heroes are also facing financial issues as per the information.

The top stars and medium-range heroes may not feel the pressure. Even the young heroes those have a good financial backup will be pretty cool in these hard times. But many upcoming actors, young heroes, and the others who depend on rotation money are feeling the pressure. 

The majority of these heroes have financial commitments and a lifestyle that is way above their income range. They have to pay hefty EMIs for their luxury flats, cars, and other things which they maintain as a status symbol. Some of them even have to pay the monthly interests to the loans.

When the movie shoots are going on, the majority of their expenses will be taken care by the producers and they will be in a position to pay their EMIs.

Due to the lockdown restrictions, movie shoots are stalled indefinitely. So, these heroes are finding it difficult to raise money. These heroes are more worried as the future of small budget films not looking so bright. The inside talk says that if the situation continues for six months, they will be in deep trouble.

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