Film Unit Workers Thank With Tears

By Satya Cine Apr. 03, 2020, 03:43 pm IST
Film Unit Workers Thank With Tears

It is known that the Corona virus pandemic has dealt a deadly blow to the cinema industry and shootings have come to a halt since few weeks. As a result, the lives of many cine workers fell into a crisis and a struggle for livelihood. At a time like this, the Tollywood biggies came together with an initiative named ‘Charity for Corona Crisis’ and decided to help the victims.

The activities are happening through Chiranjeevi charitable trust and all from Tollywood gave sizeable sums as donations. With all the fund collected, the distribution process has started and it is evoking many emotional reactions out of gratitude. The first priority is to those who got stuck with shootings coming to a halt. They were given groceries with some money for expenses.

Next they are giving essentials to the supporting staff and providing required financial assistance. Looking at the whole gesture, the film unit workers are thanking the Tollywood folks with happiness. Some of them are saying “At a time when all software professionals are losing their jobs and don’t know about their future, we being part of cinema industry feel very secure. We are being taken care of in a nice way and can never thank the CCC enough.”

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