Dil Raju's Plus One Deal

By Satya Cine Feb. 16, 2020, 07:59 pm IST
Dil Raju's Plus One Deal

Dil Raju is one of the few producers of Tollywood who achieved star status in this generation.  Dil Raju handles film distribution business as well and he is one of the prominent distributors in the Telugu states.  His name is associated with all big-ticket films. If we take Sankranthi biggies of this year, he distributed both 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' and 'Ala Vaiknthapurramloo', which were competitive at the box office.  He got involved with Allu Arjun film's distribution despite being the production partner of Mahesh Babu movie.

Not only these Sankranti biggies but Dil Raju never leaves a big-ticket film.  But how does he actually grab the rights of those films in spite of huge competition?  Dil Raju reportedly applies Plus One formula in striking distribution deals of big-ticket films.  One might wonder what is this Plus One deal. Usually, distributors offer a particular amount for taking the rights.  Dil Raju strikes the deal by offering one more crore than the highest bidder to the producer.  

If Dil Raju eyes on the Nizam rights of a film, he will certainly grab the rights. He gives an open offer to the producers that he will close the deal by giving plus one crore than the highest bidder. He has reportedly closed the deal for RRR rights in a similar fashion.  Mythri Movie Makers Naveen reportedly offered Rs.74 cr for Nizam rights of RRR but Dil Raju offered Rs. 75 cr and closed the deal.  There is talk that Dil Raju could have offered Rs.95 cr if Mythri Naveen would have offered 94 crores and it is his Plus One mantra.

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