Did you watch this new movie, Sivaranjani?

By Naresh Kota Dec. 08, 2019, 06:06 pm IST
Did you watch this new movie, Sivaranjani?

In Hollywood, pay per view, direct to video releases of few films are a common practice. Some movies will have better chance at recovery of investment and also have a chance at reaching to major number of audiences with such releases than traditional theater releases.

With so many films unable to find a suitable distribution plan and promotional strategies, yours' truly- Idream media has come up with a strategy of digital release for such films with good content or quality to attract audiences.

As part of it, Sivaranjani starring Jabardasth fame, anchor Rashmi as the lead got released on YouTube channel and Amazon Prime. You can just search for the film on both platforms to enjoy 110-minute thrill ride.

Movie is all about an accident survivor who encounters strange paranormal forces as she forgets her past. In a way, movie talks about ghosts of past haunting a person, in a metaphorical way. Rashmi, Nandu acted as leads in the film and it is directed by Naaga Prabhakar. Shekar Chandra scored music for the film and we would recommend you give the team a chance to showcase their skill and entertain you.

Watch Full Movie Here @ https://www.idreampost.com/en/videos/movies/sivaranjani-telugu-full-movie

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