Dangerous Secret Acts Of Allu Arjun

By Satya Cine Feb. 02, 2020, 09:23 am IST
Dangerous Secret Acts Of Allu Arjun

Stylish star Allu Arjun is currently on cloud nine because he has scored the biggest ever blockbuster of his career through his latest release ‘Alaa Vaikuntapuramlo’. While that is one side, it is heard that Bunny has been resorting to certain secret acts which might sound thrilling but might be a bit of dangerous as well.

Well, it is heard that Bunny has the habit of sneaking into theatres in disguised mask and then watch movies along with the real audience. Incidentally, he has been doing that right from his first movie and continues to do so. Sources say he did the same with the recent Sankranthi releases. Incidentally, this is something Style Samrat Rajnikanth tends to do few times but that’s just for his movies alone.

Those who heard this are saying “All this looks nice but if mask slips then it is going to create a huge chaos among public. In a way, it is a dangerous act because mob hysteria goes uncontrolled when they will see someone like Allu Arjun amidst them. So, if he is really keen to continue this then he better have the necessary backup plans in store so that any untoward incident is avoided.”

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