Can We Buy Raja Ravi Varma Star Calendar On Amazon?

By Ravindra Siraj Feb. 04, 2020, 06:01 pm IST
Can We Buy Raja Ravi Varma Star Calendar On Amazon?

We have the hottest Kingfisher Calender in which every month presents sexy bikini-clad models and temperature raising spicy poses.  We also have another popular Dabboo Ratnani calendar featuring popular Bollywood celebrities.

We all might have heard of these calendars but one more such calendar is grabbing the attention of everybody with its unique style, it is Naam Calender.  Let us first know what is Naam.  It is a foundation started by Suhasini Mani Ratnam in 2010 to empower single women from underprivileged backgrounds. Naam is coming up with a calendar featuring popular actors now.  The photoshoot of Naam Calendar 2020 has recently done by renowned photographer Venkat Ram.

Kingfisher, Dabboo Ratnani calenders focus more on the spiciness and glamour quotient but Naam Calendar is unique in its own way. They have chosen a special theme for the calendar i.e., recreating the magic of legendary painter Ravi Varma through the photographs.  Popular celebrities like Samantha, Kushboo, Ramya Krishna, Shruthi Haasan, etc. were featured in this calendar.  The costumes, sets, lighting, set props are simply extraordinary.

The pics from the photoshoot are looking like a replica of the classic paintings of Ravi Varma. Though the Kingfisher calendar is popular, we can not think of displaying it in our homes. Because it is perfectly meant for bachelor rooms. But Naam calendar pics are classy and completely traditional.  Frankly speaking, Samantha fans can make it a photo frame to hang it on the wall permanently. Among all the pics, Ramya Krishna steals the show with her unbeatable charm by resembling the original painting.  Ever since these photographs surfaced in social media, the demand for the Naam calender increased.  The calendar is releasing soon and it will create a sensation for sure. 
As per the attention seen on social media, many are waiting to buy this if available on amazon online shopping. Hope the makers make it possible as soon as possible.

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