Chiranjeevi and Anil Ravipudi movie could happen soon!

By Naresh Kota Jan. 05, 2020, 04:24 pm IST
Chiranjeevi and Anil Ravipudi movie could happen soon!

Anil Ravipudi with F2 success, made everyone notice him. Even though his Pataas, made every actor look at him, Supreme and Raja The Great even though successful did not grab everyone's interest as much as F2 did.

Mahesh Babu went for Anil Ravipudi's commercial entertainer against Sukumar's film, for this reason only. He thought Sukumar needs time to complete the script and he will give enough time to the director by bringing Ravipudi's film to the forefront.

But Sukumar took it in a different way and their film got cancelled. Now, we hear that Anil Ravipudi had a meeting with Megastar Chiranjeevi and the actor, asked the director to come up with a script, after listening to director's wish.

Anil briefly told him a line also, it seems. As he already committed to F3, after SLN, he might go with a script after the movie release next Sankranthi to Megastar and their film could start, if Chiranjeevi likes it, without much delay. After Koratala Siva's film, Chiranjeevi will take few months rest as he did not confirm any other film.

He may go with a script from any director like Trivikram Srinivas or Naga Ashwin, if they are ready before going for Anil's film. If no one is ready, he may wait till F3 is over, to start his film after Koratala Siva's film.

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