Can Karthi survive against two big Telugu films?

By Naresh Kota Dec. 15, 2019, 04:42 pm IST
Can Karthi survive against two big Telugu films?

Karthi enjoyed good success at box office with Khaithi for Diwali. As there were no other well known Telugu hero films to compete with and as it was a genuinely good film, Khaithi became a hit.

Now, Karthi and his real life sister-in-law, Jyothika are coming together as on-screen brother and sister in the film, Donga. It is directed by Jeethu Joseph, who made a film like Drishyam.

The highly acclaimed storyteller from Malayalam film Industry is trying to make a commercial movie in Tamil in his own amicable style. The movie is releasing in Telugu as well, on the same date.

But in Telugu there are two big films - Prathi Roju Pandage and Ruler, releasing on the same day as Donga. With Venky Mama entering the second week and two wide releases, Donga might have theaters problem to even sustain over the weekend.

Also, there could be a problem of finding audiences as well, as the shows in multiplexes could be scarce. We have to wait and see, how the Christmas weekend will turn out for Karthi in Telugu states. Diwali proved to be a lucky one for him, this year.

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