Bollywood Is Looking At RFC!

By Satya Cine Jun. 13, 2020, 01:48 pm IST
Bollywood Is Looking At RFC!

The lockdown rules are eased now when we compare it with the first phase. The film industry is slowly pulling its socks up to get back to normalcy. Telangana government has already given permission for the film shoots from June 15, several producers are making the necessary preparations for the shoots.

Considering the Covid-19 preventive measures, the filmmakers are opting for indoor shoots for a few months rather than taking the risk of shooting outdoors. Due to this, the demand has raised for film studios. Apart from the Tollywood producers, Bollywood makers are also planning their schedules in Ramoji Film City. The sources reveal that RFC has been getting a lot of inquiries from the filmmakers in the past few days. Some of them have already booked the floors for their shoots.

We all know that the impact of Covid-19 is very high in Maharashtra. The Mumbai city is registering a huge number of cases where the Hindi film industry is located. The stars are not ready to take risk of shooting in Mumbai and they are looking at other alternatives like RFC.

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