Bollywood Film on African Virus

By Satya Cine Apr. 05, 2020, 10:43 am IST
Bollywood Film on African Virus

Ram Gopal Varma is known for taking up current issues and giving his style of commentary through his social media accounts. RGV has recently reminded about his 2-year-old tweet regarding film  announcement titled 'Virus'.  RGV planned to make a film with storyline of a deadly virus threatening the lives of Mumbaikars.   He also revealed the storyline of the film at the time of the announcement.  The most striking aspect of the storyline is that it is perfectly matching with the ongoing coronavirus threat.

RGV is presently working on 'Disha' and  'Enter The Girl Dragon'.  As Coronavirus has become a trending topic across the globe now, RGV is said to be considering to revive the 'Virus' movie as per the inside talk. He is always known for his jet speed in taking up the projects and completing them within a short period of time. He may  finish off the existing projects quickly and take up 'Virus' or he may put one of his two on-going films on hold for a while to take up 'Virus' as the first priority.  The subject of this film has a universal appeal and RGV has already established good connections with Chinese producers as well, so it won't be tough for him to take this project to the sets soon.

RGV planned to make the film in the International standard when he made  announcement a couple of years ago.  It seems the stage and moos has been perfectly set now with present coronavirus pandemic.  If he takes up the project and makes it in International standard  it will surely pull global traction.

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