Bollywood Actor Believes Ardently In Ramu

By Satya Cine Mar. 21, 2020, 10:03 pm IST
Bollywood Actor Believes Ardently In Ramu

Ram Gopal Varma's name doesn't need any introduction. The maverick filmmaker is not in a great form but he continuously hits the headlines with his films. While a section of the audience are disappointed with his recent films, he has ardent followers among the common audience as well as in celebrities.  Versatile Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee is one of them.

Manoj Bajpayee is one of the most sought after actors in Bollywood at present.  In a recent development, he has spoken greatly about RGV.  He said, "The name of RGV will be permanently etched in the history of Indian cinema. Nobody can make films like him. He has revolutionized the making style of Indian films. He is a boon for the film industry. Whatever I have achieved him in my career is because of RGV."

It is known that Manoj acted in several other films early in his career but they went unnoticed. It was RGV's 'Satya' which has given a huge break to Manoj Bajpayee.  His Bhiku Matre role in 'Satya' has won him several accolades. Manoj never looked back in his career after 'Satya' happened to him.  Though Manoj worked with RGV long back, he speaks in high esteem about him.  He is one of the ardent followers of Ramu who says that RGV can spring a surprise with his film even now.

Not just Manoj Bajpayee but Big B shares a similar opinion.  When Amitabh was asked about RGV a few months ago, he said "I never care about the success and failure of his films. He is a brilliant filmmaker who knows his craft well. That's what excites me to work with him."

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