Balakrishna and Boyapati are looking for that Allu Arjun title?

By Naresh Kota Dec. 15, 2019, 10:04 pm IST
Balakrishna and Boyapati are looking for that Allu Arjun title?

Allu Arjun proved himself as one of the few stars from South India who built a craze and market as a star with loads of hard work even though he faced criticism for his looks and acting skills at the beginning. He learnt from his mistakes and became Stylish Icon of Telugu Cinema after Nagarjuna.

He has a fascination for titles like ICON said few sources and hence, he wanted such a title for his film with Dil Raju and Venu Sriram, it seems. Actually, the actor liked story line and the title more than the script and asked Venu to work on it before he gives the final go ahead, elaborated the sources.

Now, we hear that Allu Arjun is not too keen to do the film and Dil Raju is also pursuing hard for Pawan Kalyan's dates in Venu Sriram's direction. The producer's lifetime dream is to make a film with PSPK and hence, he is pushing Venu to concentrate more on this script, Pink remake in Telugu, it seems.

Obviously, ICON has been put on a back burner for now. But Allu Arjun might loose that title to NBK and Boyapati Srinu. Boyapati wants such title for his next with Balakrishna and he is asking Dil Raju to give it to him, it seems. As the producer wants to keep a good relationship with NBK and Boyapati also, he may give them the title, out of respect.

If that is the case and if we go by what sources have said earlier, will Allu Arjun loose his title to NBK and be happy about it? Let's wait and watch.

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