Are Baahubali makers not able to convince Netflix?

By Naresh Kota Dec. 23, 2019, 06:01 pm IST
Are Baahubali makers not able to convince Netflix?

Baahubali was considered the Indian version of 'Star Wars' and the producers had great confidence in the lure and wanted to extend the back story of Baahubali characters to different mediums.

But they faced very limited success in the print medium and Amazon Prime's animated series failed too. TV Series also failed to last long after the initial hype.

Now, reports suggest that even developing a web-series was difficult for the story. Apparently, Baahubali makers are trying to figure out a way to convince Netflix, who commissioned pilots to agree with their version of the story.

Director Rajamouli left the story for other makers to explore and Netflix officials did not like the content as much as the producers thought. So, it is believed this might take some more time for both parties to agree and release the series.

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