April Fever Frightening Tollywood

By Satya Cine Mar. 19, 2020, 03:07 pm IST
April Fever Frightening Tollywood

The governments of two Telugu states have imposed several restrictions as preventive measures to control the COVID-19 pandemic.  Closing down all the movie theaters for a period of fifteen days is one of them.  As the coronavirus positive cases are on the rise with each passing day in AP and Telangana, filmmakers are worried that the shutdown period may be extended for 15 more days.

If the cinema halls are closed till April 15, it is going to be a huge blow to the Tollywood. Summer season is one of the biggest reasons for the film industry after Sankranti.  In fact, it is much bigger than the Sankranti season.  As the kids and students have holidays, their first choice for entertainment is movies. If the upcoming films miss the season, they will miss great business potential.

Filmmakers are also worried about another aspect.  Theaters are one of the places where the crowd gathers in large numbers.  If the government continues the shut down of theaters in the second half of April to completely eradicate COVID -19, they will lose the summer season.  Moreover, the audience will not immediately throng to theaters when they are re-opened.  The majority of them will adopt a cautious approach to going to crowded places.  Practical things like these are turning out to be worrying factors for the filmmakers.  

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