Andrea clears the air about rumours

By Naresh Kota Dec. 26, 2019, 06:37 pm IST
Andrea clears the air about rumours

Andrea Jeremiah is a bold and highly talented actress, singer. She turned into a writer, mainly poet and wrote poems about her heart break and life, in general. She titled it as "Broken Wing".

The actress revealed about the book first at a literary meet and said that it is about her failed love story. And talked about what transpired during those days before she fell in love and after break-up, adding few details about her being in love too. She commented that it shaped her.

But the actress got a shock when she found out that she was being misquoted as she talked about her relationship with an actor in politics. She said that she never should have talked about her past and should have been careful in public as public figures cannot have a private life like common people.

She said that she never was in a relationship with that actor whom media quoted as her seeing and about whom, she wrote the book. She said that she was talking about a relationship 10 years ago and that too, very early in her life. She did not reveal the person's name as she wants to save his privacy.

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