Anchor Suma's Direct-Indirect Formula

By Satya Cine Apr. 06, 2020, 12:53 pm IST
Anchor Suma's Direct-Indirect Formula

Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent developments of lockdown have wreaked havoc in the lives of daily wage workers. If we talk about entertainment industry in the 2 Telugu States, several film stars came forward to help them in one form are the other.  Television personalities like anchor Suma also came forward to do their bit fir the affected people.

Suma revealed through her Facebook post that she is planning to support the staff who are directly or indirectly working with her.  She said that she has already donated some amount to an old age home and an NGO named Donatekart.

She also added that she has donated money to the Television Producers Council. Apart from these donations, Suma said to have taken the list of the staff like production boys, makeup, lighting and staff from other crafts who are working with her directly or indirectly.  She is planning to assist them financially. 

On this occasion, Suma came up with an innovative idea that everybody should make a list of the staff working for them  to assist them in one way or the other. She opined that if everybody does this, the majority of the needy persons in the  industry will receive help. Suma's idea  appears to be really good. When every celebrity takes care of the staff who are working with them directly or indirectly, the majority of them will receive help. In this crisis time, it will be helpfilul for the people who don't have any work to earn their bread and butter. It is indeed a great initiative from Suma.

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