Allu Aravind's Biggest Theatre In Discussion

By Satya Cine Feb. 10, 2020, 03:31 pm IST
Allu Aravind's Biggest Theatre In Discussion

Mega producer's idea of the biggest theatre is in discussion now.  One may think that this is a real theatre.  No. This is not a physical theatre but its a virtual theatre, an OTT platform Aha by owned by Allu Aravind.  Mega family boasts of several heroes and producers. The majority of the other films are also in their control as they support, release other small & medium films.  We can say that the mega camp is a formidable force in Tollywood because they have good control in the distribution and exhibition sector as well.

All these films used to appear on Amazon prime till now as digital streaming rights are fetching good income to the producers.  As Allu Aravind started a new OTT platform, all the mega films and other films supported by mega family will surely chose Aha rather than any other OTT platform. If this happens, the majority of the Telugu films will be available in Aha a couple of years down the lane.

If the audience reach of Aha increases, other Tollywood films will surely prefer Aha than other platforms.  Considering the scale of this project, industry experts are commenting that this is the biggest virtual theatre idea.  We all know that Allu Aravind owns several theatres and he has lease agreements with other theatres owners.  He has been a movie exhibitor for a long time. Now, he has literally upgraded himself as a virtual exhibitor by entering into digital streaming business.

Allu Aravind's latest decision has become talking point in the industry circles and they are praising his farsightedness.  Netizens are commenting that Allu Aravind has taken a wise decision at the right time and it is going to give tough competition to other popular OTT platforms like Amazon and Netflix.

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