Aha's Blow To Amazon And Netflix

By Satya Cine Feb. 15, 2020, 02:22 pm IST
Aha's Blow To Amazon And Netflix

The manner in which the entertainment industry and the Telugu industry in particular is growing, there is a constant demand for new talent. This is much more in the department of heroines. This is one reason why many aspiring beauties With each passing day the inclination towards digital entertainment has been on the rise and taking cue from that, many cine giants have also been foraying into this medium. Now, the Telugu Film Industry is going to witness something huge and powerful. This is because the mega family has launched the new app ‘Aha’ and it is meant to offer Telugu content only.

Now, the experts are predicting that it is a threat to the other established big players. The movies of mega heroes are coming only in Aha. Once ten movies come public will come to this platform to watch the big star movies and most watched movies. As a result, the general interest in Amazon Prime and Netflix will come down. Even other banner movies also will get sold here.

Mega mastermind Allu Aravind has strong command and relationship over the industry. They will not hesitate to come down in their price owing to the relationship. Allu’s movies will come here only, other mega hero projects rights also would be given to this. Netflix has not gone to the masses completely but if Aha gives a competitive price it can give a tight blow to both giants Amazon and Net Flix. Some are saying it is local platform but it has the caliber to beat the two biggies. This is because mega power is such.

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