A movie about movie piracy!

By Naresh Kota Dec. 07, 2019, 03:03 pm IST
A movie about movie piracy!

Have ever imagined a movie about movie piracy? Well, many films did address the topic and there are movies like Ayan/Veedokkade that showcased the technology used by the pirates while giving equal screen time to plight of producers.

Now, a complete movie taking movie piracy as the main story element, Hero Heroine, is releasing in Telugu states. On 27th December, movie will hit the screens and Naveen Chandra is acting as the main lead.
GS Karthik, who directed Adda with Sushanth before, is directing this movie. Poster of the movie is released by the team stating the release date.

Movie is majorly a love story that will explore the plight of producers due to movie piracy. Makers did not reveal much about the story other than this. Contrary from routine problems that lovers have to tackle in the films, this seems to be something different and fresh. Let's wait and see, how the makers explored the fresh backdrop convincingly, in their film.

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