Naga Chaitanya at Hyderabad Supercar Show 2017

By Dec. 05, 2017, 12:58 am IST
Naga Chaitanya at Hyderabad Supercar Show 2017


Aims to spread the social message of “responsible driving”

Hyderabad,  December, 2017: Ford Mustang in association with the CannonBall Club and Karr Kraft in associate sponsorship with AMG – Mahavir Group, ATUM, Always Dry and FERRARI MUMBAI today hosted the Hyderabad’s Second edition of Supercar Show 2017. This Sunday in Hyderabad was a special one with over 10,000 bhps roared at the Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

The CannonBall Club is India’s largest community of Supercar owners as members who own brands like Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Aston Martin’s, Porsche’s, AMG’s, Maserati’s and many more. The group together has over 300 members across India has hosted over 75 Supercar events in Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Italy, Dubai and now back in Hyderabad. The group has it’s own Concierge service and one needs to be a member to join.

Before starting the rally, The CannonBall Team briefed all the participating drivers before the event. All drivers are informed about the rules and regulations of the drive and told to strictly be in the limits of the traffic law and rules to ensure utmost safety during the drive always.

Manoj Kasyap a participating Supercar driver said, “We are eager to be part of Supercar Show 2017 and look forward to participate in such events in future as well, our association would largely stress on the spreading of social message of RESPONSIBLE DRIVING to ensure the safety of the public and also the supercar owners as well. 

This was the Second time Hyderabad city has had such an event where we all the Supercar owners get to enjoy our cars and meet like minded Supercar owners. It’s a great event as we all discuss and exchange the thoughts and experiences of the driving the supercar owned by each one of us and discuss their features in detail. The last year Supercar show had shown great enthusiasm among us and we look forward to network with each other regularly.

Founder of the CannonBall Club, Paritosh Gupta, said, “A driving experience on the roads with other like minded Supercar owners is always thrilling for all automotive enthusiasts. And we are proud to bring the second edition of the Hyderabad Supercar Show to the supercar loving city again this year. This shows the increasing love and passion of Hyderabadi’s to own a supercar.

Our Associate sponsors are Mercedes-Benz AMG represented by Mahavir Motors who have an exclusive AMG Performance centre (APC) situated in Hyderabad. “Mahavir is the 4th APC in the country and the only AMG centre in the twin states. The response for the AMG cars has been tremendous and AMG sales has been growing every year since the APC launch” said Mr. Yashwant Jhaobakh, Chairman Mahavir Motors.

KARR KRAFT - Hyderabad's leading premium multi branded workshop which also deals with Car sales. The event is being supported by KARR KRAFT for participating drivers by inviting their Supercar customers.

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