iDream Media Digital Series Bhajana Batch for Yupp TV

By iDream Post Nov. 30, 2018, 11:55 am IST
iDream Media Digital Series Bhajana Batch for Yupp TV

We are immensely pleased to inform you that iDream Media, a pioneer in Telugu content production and distribution, is ready with its latest venture, their debut original venture into OTT platforms with the ace director Maruthi’s Bhajana Batch.

The Series is conceptualized by Maruthi who has given blockbuster fare such as Bhale Bhale Magadivoy, Mahabubhavudu, Prema Katha Chatham and many more feaure films. This marks the first official collaboration between Chinna Vasudeva Reddy of iDream Media, Maruthi Talkies and Yupp TV. It is directed by Chinni Krishna, who has previously directed comedic movies such as London Babulu and Brother of Bommali. 

Bhajana Batch promises to be in that humorous genre that we’ve seen from both Maruthi and Chinni Krishna, starring noted comedians and actors such as Jai Prakash Reddy, “Getup” Srinu, Gemini Suresh, Ajay Ghosh,Jogi Krishnam Raju, actress Deepya and others. As the name indicates, the series is about a batch of con-artists, who belong to the same family, who swindle people through the power of praise. The series is promised to be a laugh riot.

YuppTV is an OTT content provider for South Asian content, as live TV, catch-up TV, and unlimited movies. Founded by Uday Reddy with headquarters in Atlanta, USA, the original Telugu series from this platform has caused something of a sensation in the last year with many big names and numbers attached to them. YuppTV is essential viewing for the Telugu NRI and iDream matches this exactly with a large fanbase for their YouTube channels already firmly placed world over. Likewise, with Director Maruthi’s stories being money-churners overseas, we believe this is the perfect collaboration and a great way for iDream to begin its OTT journey, looking at the first of many lined up already.

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