Shocking Final Collections of Darbar 

By BO_tracker Jan. 30, 2020, 07:40 pm IST
Shocking Final Collections of Darbar 

Gone were the days when Rajnikanth's films used to mint big money despite the muscle in their content. The recent film Darbar proved it. 

The closing figures of Darbar have come out and they warn how careful the makers should be while planning the budgets and zeroing in on the content before they venture with any big star like Rajnikanth. 

The total share collected in the entire AP and Telangana is 10.23 Cr and that categorizes the film as Flop. The lion share has come from Nizam with 4.50 Cr and the least was collected from Nellore and West Godavari with 41 lakh and 54 lakh respectively. The USA collections were also meagre and couldn't add any value.

Rajnikanth has touched 70 and it is time to carve a niche with respect to the storylines and make them more commercially viable. We have to see how his next film Thalaivar 168 makes up to the box office. 

Checkout area wise closing collections

Ceded 1.25cr
Guntur 0.82cr
Krishna 0.59cr
Nellore 0.41cr
Total Ap/Tg10.23cr


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