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Newsmakers Of 2016 : Samantha Is Having The Time Of Her Life And She Knows It (Exclusive)

  • Dec-31-2016 10:52 am IST

2016 was a dream year for Samantha both professionally and personally. In an exclusive interview to iDreamPost.com, Samantha tells us about her life, choices and lessons she learnt from 2016, and why 2016 and 2017 are going to be the two most important years in her life.

Samantha is having the time of her life and she knows it. And if anyone was in her shoes, they would scream out aloud – “I’m the queen of the world.” But Samantha isn’t the one who would want to boast about her achievements. You can just sense it that she’s in a very happy space right now. She punctuates her sentences with peels of laughter when she talks about her successes and the man in her life, and that’s all you need to sense that she’s quite aware of everything that she has experienced in 2016. “2016 has given me more than what I could ask for. The first half of the year was a professionally rewarding experience and the second half, it did wonders in my personal life. I’ve had some big hits and I made the big decision to get married and settle down in life. I think 2016 and 2017 will be the most important years of my life,” Samantha says.

The decision to get married by the time she turns 30 was made a while ago; however, Samantha also attributes the big decision that she made, to get married to Naga Chaitanya, to her destiny. “Sometimes, you might know that it’s going to happen, but you can’t really plan such things. I got really lucky and everything happened for the best,” she says, adding, “I have always maintained that I will get married when I’m 30. I didn’t want to delay it just to extend my career and then find someone to settle down.” The couple have plans to tie the knot sometime in late 2017 and recent reports in the media suggest that they are going to get engaged on January 29, although neither of them have made a formal announcement yet.

On the professional front, Samantha was part of six films including a cameo in Bangalore Naatkal. Four of those films went on to become huge hits. In fact, Theri, in which she teamed up with Vijay, turned out to be her biggest hit so far in Tamil, whereas Janatha Garage became one of the highest grossing films in Tollywood history. Another film A…Aa joined the Rs 50 crore club, beating all odds, and 24, a sci-fi film starring Suriya and Samantha, went on to become a critical and commercial success.

“I’m extremely proud of all the films I’ve done this year. Theri, 24, A…Aa, Janatha Garage…each one of them is special in its own way. There’s a certain satisfaction when a film you believed in does well at the box-office. You feel you’ve done something right,” she confesses. However, she had to go through some really tense moments in the process. A case in point being Theri. The film opened to not so encouraging reviews in the early hours of its release and the same repeated in Janatha Garage’s case as well. On the second day, both the films turned out to be huge box-office hits.

“I remember the response from the early morning show of Theri was quite opposite of what I was expecting. I began questioning my judgement and I was extremely distraught. On that day, I was shooting for A…Aa and I made everyone’s life miserable. No one dared to come 5 meters near me (laughs). None of the cast and crew members wanted to talk to me because I was so upset and furious. And then, it all changed the next day. Theri turned out to be my biggest hit in Tamil. Trivikram and Nithiin still make fun of me when they remind me of what happened on the first day of Theri’s release (laughs). The same happened in case of Janatha Garage too. Thankfully, it wasn’t the same case with A…Aa. Otherwise, I would have got a heart attack and shifted to an ICU (laughs). Each one of us had invested a lot of our heart into that film. And we all had so much fun shooting that film that there was no way that sort of happiness wouldn’t have translated to the audience as well,” Samantha recalls.

For someone who has an enviable number of hits to her credit, hearing Samantha confess that she gets jittery every single time offers a sneak peek into her thoughts about why she takes her work so seriously. She says, “I believe the moment you become complacent, you don’t get what you really really want. The day you begin to relax, your downfall begins from that point of time. The moment you take something easy in your life, it’ll go away from you, whether it’s work or people you care about. It’ll cease to exist. That’s what I live by. I’m very influenced by things around me. For instance, I would get very hassled if I am not doing something right during the shoot. Similarly, if I’m inspired by someone’s performance, I would try to understand where that’s coming from.”

Ask her if she has gotten better at handling success, especially in 2016, Samantha avers that she has taken her failures far too seriously than her successes. “People tend to forget all that (success) very quickly and you’ve to forget too. In the second half of 2016, I took some time off to decide what to do next. When people speak to me, it feels like I’ve taken a break for almost a year. And remember, this is an industry where your fate changes every Friday. I’ve grown older, calmer now and my choices have changed. There’s also a change in the kind of films I want to do,” she adds. Admittedly, she is very critical every time she is approached to do a romantic film. “I’m very critical of love stories now. I’ve done love stories in the past. The question is where do you go, after doing something like a YMC or a Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu. Anything I do right now, it’s not just the audience, I’m critical too. Every time I repeat expressions, it feels like death. It’s bound to happen when I end up doing stereotypical films and every single time, I feel like I would rather die than repeat those things. I want to do different stuff, for my own sake.”

The change in her approach towards work boils down to one single word – ‘No’. She has learnt the art of saying ‘no’ and that changed everything, so to speak. “In the past 6 years, the only thing I remember was working from morning to night and coming back to my hotel room to sleep. In the past, the thought of not working continuously was really really scary. Now it doesn’t scare me so much….I’ve become stronger now. Now, I’ve learnt to say ‘no’. Sometimes, people say that I haven’t signed a film or taking a long break. It doesn’t affect me anymore. I know I’ll please them in the due course of time or maybe displease them,” she quips.

2016 was nothing short of a dream and we wonder what 2017 is going to be like for her. “Hopefully, I’ll experience the same high professionally. Personally, it’ll be my biggest high because I’ll get married by the end of the year,” Samantha gushes.

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