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Khaidi No 150 Review

  • Jan-11-2017 1:37 pm IST
Rating : 3.75/5 Cast : Chiranjeevi, Kajal Aggarwal Directed by : V. V. Vinayak Produced by : Ram Charan Music : Devi Sri Prasad Release Date : January 11, 2017

Rating : 3.75/5
Cast : Chiranjeevi, Kajal Aggarwal
Directed by : V. V. Vinayak
Produced by : Ram Charan
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Release Date : January 11, 2017

The moment many mega fans and avid cine buffs have been waiting for has arrived. Megastar Chiranjeevi who is the undeniable emperor of Tollywood is back after a brief sabbatical and he has reiterated the fact that he is indeed the emperor still. Let us see how this comeback is


Based on the backdrop of a remote village in Anantapur district, Shankar (Chiranjeevi) is leading a movement against a corporate company for the welfare of the farmers. He decides to come to Hyderabad with the intent of bringing the issue into further spotlight of the media and judiciary. Meanwhile, a pocket thief Kaththi Seenu (Chiranjeevi) escapes from jail and in this process, he witnesses a shootout. The victim happens to be Shankar and it turns out that Seenu looks exactly like Shankar. This gives him a chance to become like Shankar and evade the cops. So, he goes to the village posing as Shankar. What happens from there forms the rest.


It is an out and out Chiranjeevi show as he came up with a thundering performance in all facets right from fights to dance to comedy to emotional scenes. Above all, it is the charisma and the mannerisms which have not lost their sheen and it is a delight to see him back onscreen. Kajal Aggarwal fitted the bill perfectly with her glamour and performance. Her chemistry with Chiru was apt. Tarun Arora was a surprise package, he looked befitting as the antagonist, he needs to be seen more in Tollywood. Ali, Brahmanandam, Prudhvi, Posani gave the required entertainment and humor. They filled the gaps perfectly.

Technical Values

The dialogues were apt and conveyed the right essence. The script was well customized and screenplay was tight without any lags. The brownie points must be given to the rich cinematography, the visual feast was high. Editing was crisp. Saving the best for last, both the background score and songs were impressive. Costumes were stylish and art department gave a very vibrant feel. Action sequences were well choreographed. Dance was dazzling. Other departments were equally effective.


Despite the fact that the film is the remake of the Tamil film ‘Kaththi’ and speculations on why this film is not an original script, every speck of doubt gets quashed as you watch the film. Each frame has been carved with a lot of attention to detail and ensuring nativity is not missed. It was clear that the major focus was on Chiranjeevi and how he would deliver after a gap. Well, he didn’t disappoint and in fact gave more than what was expected. He rocked with his looks and wowed with his dance. This is a treat not just for his fans but the regular audience as well. A fair share of kudos goes to director V V Vinayak. He did a good job and handled Chiru very well. The way he packaged the entire product justifies the hype and expectations. While the first half goes on a lighter note with few elements of humor, romance and action, the interval bang creates a new momentum. The second half has a rather intense narrative and it hooks the audience till the climax. Overall, this is a film with the right blend of commercial elements along with a message so it should appeal to all genres of audience.


The perfect comeback movie for megastar!

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