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Khaidi No 150 Crosses $1 Million Mark In US From Premieres Alone

  • Jan-11-2017 12:38 pm IST

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Khaidi No 150 stunned everyone when reports trickled in that it has grossed more than $1 million from the premieres alone. According to reports, the film has collected $1.08 million from 136 locations and buzz is that the actual figure could be little higher.

The film is already the second highest grosser in terms of box-office collections from premieres alone in the US and it is within striking distance of the previous record set by SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali. The latter has amassed a jaw dropping $1.36 million from its premieres in 2015.

Incidentally, the film surpassed all expectations and the fact that it crossed $1 million mark has come as a shocker to even the trade pundits. In a rare instance, the film’s premieres were screened on a Tuesday, but that didn’t seem to have deterred fans of Chiranjeevi from flocking to the theatres across US. The huge demand for the film has forced the overseas distributor to add additional shows in several areas.

Not just US, the film has been getting thumping response from other countries as well. In Gulf, Australia the film opened to an overwhelming reception from the local audiences and it is expected to fetch good profits for all the stakeholders there. On the whole, the film opened in more than 200 locations across the world, including several countries in Europe, Africa.


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